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Also known as sworn translation and interpretation – such services can only be provided by persons who have the required credentials awarded by the Minister of Justice. Signed and sealed by a sworn translator, the translated document has a legal force. Without such certification, the document may be considered void.


The profession of the sworn translator in Poland is governed by the Act on the Profession of the Sworn Translator, which has been in force since 2005.
In accordance with the Act, certified translations may be provided by sworn translators – professionals who have passed a state examination and who have been entered on the Minister of Justice’s list of sworn translators. Sworn translators must be citizens of Poland or other EU Member States. They must have full legal capacity, a tertiary degree, a perfect command of Polish and the relevant foreign language, and a clean criminal record. 
The Act also imposes the obligation on sworn translators to pursue ongoing professional development. Given that languages are evolving constantly and technology continues to advance, this requirement seems to be perfectly legitimate.


Our Agency deals primarily with certified (written) translation. By putting his or her seal and signature on the document, the translator certifies that the translation faithfully represents the contents of the original document. In addition to the text, a certified translation includes descriptions of document elements such as signatures, stamps, seals, logos, etc.


  • Official documents issued by state institutions, including administrative and judicial authorities: court files, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, excerpts from land and mortgage registers, testaments, court orders, indictments, judgements, certificates of clean criminal record, diplomas, report cards, secondary school-leaving certificates, certificates of professional qualifications, other certificates, academic transcripts, student’s record books, insurance policies, deeds of title, driving licenses, vehicle registration documents, vehicle history cards, sales contracts
  • Medical documentation: medical certificates, documents for insurance companies, certificates issued by chambers of physicians, medical opinions
  • Business-related documents: entries in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG), extracts from the National Court Register (KRS), National Business Registry Number (REGON), Tax Identification Number (NIP) certificates, certificates of no tax arrears, certificates of no arrears in social insurance contributions
  • Financial documents: reports, auditor’s reports, financial statements, bank statements


Template-based certified translations

Template-based certified translations are our most affordable option. We provide them at reduced prices. For translations from and into English, we charge no third-party fees. This allows us to have some of the lowest market prices, starting at PLN 25 per standard page of certified translation (1125 characters with spaces). 

We provide the following template-based translations:

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, extracts from land and mortgage registers, diplomas, report cards, secondary school-leaving certificates, diplomas of professional title, welder’s/electrician’s log books, certificates of professional qualifications, nursing licenses, medical licenses, certificates issued by chambers of physicians 

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student’s record books, transcripts of records, driving licenses, car documents (vehicle registration certificates, vehicle history cards, sales contracts), certificates of clean criminal record, insurance policies, insurance records (PZU, Warta, TUW, Compensa, Samopomoc, MTU), business-related documents (REGON [National Business Registry Number], NIP [Tax Identification Number] certificates, certificates of entry into the Business Activity Register, excerpts from the Commercial Register (National Court Register – KRS), certificates of no tax arrears, certificates of no arrears in social insurance contributions, deeds of title, birth certificates, marriage certificates (USA, Canada), vehicle registration documents from the UK, P60, bank statements, etc.

Certified interpretation:

Our Agency also provides certified interpretation services. 

We cooperate with a wide range of state institutions, including law enforcement, customs and courts, to facilitate communication in all official dealings which produce legal consequences.

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For instance, a certified interpreter’s assistance may be required at a civil-law notary’s office to help clients understand the notarial deed they are about to sign, or at a register office when citizens of two different countries are entering a marriage. Certified interpretation services may also be requested for theoretical driving license exams, official meetings (e.g. meetings of shareholders) and international deal closings

Certified translation and interpretation – pricing

For certified translations, we determine the final price based on the target text’s character count. A standard page of certified translation is 1125 characters with spaces (the figure is officially sanctioned), whereas a standard page of ordinary or specialised translation is 1600 characters with spaces.  

We round up the final number of pages to a half-page. The overall size of the document is often a factor in our pricing – for instance, we may decide to charge lower rates for larger documents.
For certified interpretation services, we charge on the basis of each started hour of the interpreter’s work or presence. For example, if the interpretation time was 2 hours and 10 minutes, we will charge for 3 hours.

What languages do we translate and interpret?

We have the resources to handle most language pairs.

Send us a query stating the language pair so we can check for the availability of translators or interpreters for that pair.

Throughout the years, we have become an experienced and reliable partner for many organisations and institutions.