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  • Experienced and creative translators specialising in transcreation
  • Transcreation based on a strategy developed jointly with the client (target group / effect) 
  • High standard of translated materials and their optimal adjustment to the target market
  • AGIT’s quality control – proofreading and tests by native speakers

Transcreation means adapting the original text to the target language while preserving its style, intention, tone, and context. The principal objective of transcreation is to evoke the same emotions in the recipients of texts in the target language as in those using the source language. Text translations meeting transcreation rules should take into consideration the specific cultural conditions of the target market. What is important here is not the faithful representation of content but its creative adaptation to the needs, expectations, and sensitivity of the target group.

The skills of translators dealing with transcreation go beyond purely translation skills. In addition to translation, these include copywriting skills, which means that fluency in the target language and familiarity with all the linguistic nuances, idioms and other elements of the cultural code form an indispensable basis, to which creative text production skills must be added. It is not translation accuracy that matters but the catchy message that evokes certain connotations and encourages specific action.

AGIT translators entrusted with transcreation  have been practising creative text adaptation for many years. Transcreation projects are only handled by native speakers or bilinguals. Most of them have also completed specialist courses in creative text adaptation. This helps us to provide you with translations that perfectly match your marketing strategy on the target market.


Transcreation is perfect for companies that are entering foreign markets and need to build positive brand image and perception. Numerous challenges are connected with the internationalisation of companies. One of these is ensuring consistent communication on target markets. A properly performed adaptation of marketing texts, using the target language, helps to overcome these challenges.


  • Global branding campaigns
  • Advertising slogans and headlines
  • Digital marketing content and advertising
  • Brochures, folders, mailings and newsletters
  • Marketing articles and descriptions
  • Other marketing and advertising texts
  • Film titles, programmes and scripts

Source text analysis:

Once we receive the source text, we analyse it in terms of the transcreation service: we identify the text purpose in the source language and the effects that it has on native recipients.

Creative briefing:

At this point, we consult the client about the product, the brand and the target groups. The client shares his/her ideas with us, which lets us understand who the target recipients are and identify the transcreation goals. Based on that information, we create a checklist to facilitate our work at subsequent stages. The brief also defines the scope of the copywriting correction.


Translating the text into the target language in order to determine which elements of the text will require modification, i.e., creative adaptation, to meet the objectives and needs of the target recipients identified in the brief.

Creative adaptation:

Or, in other words, transcreation. We modify the text so as to make it fully meet the needs and expectations of the target group.

Creative adaptation:

If the adaptation of graphics or audiovisual materials is also included in the assignment, we can provide the necessary support in this field. We render high-quality DTP services. 

What languages are available for transcreation?

We have the resources to handle transcreation in most language combinations.
The most popular ones  are:

English – Russian – German – Ukrainian – French – Italian – Czech – Chinese – Japanese

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