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The gaming industry is a rapidly-developing creative media sector. The development of the industry, fuelled by the mere popularity of games, is further stimulated by progressing digitalisation and globalisation. More and more game developers and publishers are opting for linguistic and cultural adaptation to make their products available to a wide community of gamers around the world. It’s been long since gaming revenue has exceeded proceeds from film-making. As projected by the Global Games Market Report, this market is going to face further intensive growth.

AGIT provides optimal support to developers and publishers of interactive entertainment products by rendering professional localisation services for computer games, online games, and games intended for smartphones and tablets. 

Localisation of computer games is a process of translating computer games into the target language, taking into consideration the socio-cultural context as well as game phrases and slogans prevailing in the target country. Our translators often make the necessary adjustments in the translation process to convey the intended emotions and humour in the target-language version of the game. All this is done to make players feel at ease and safe at home in their gaming world.  


Game localisation is considered to be one of the most demanding localisation forms. It covers both written texts, which are included in the game panel and user manuals, and spoken texts, such as dialogues between characters. This requires translators not only to have the feel for language and to know the players’ jargon, but also to be well-familiar with customs, history and geopolitics ‒ generally, all that stands for the cultural code of the target group. This allows them to play with its elements freely, giving the target recipients a sense of the game being set in the cultural context of their country or community.   

Localisation involves much more than merely translating the game content. An important part of the process is promoting the game in the target market. This includes translating marketing materials and adapting the graphics used on the game box, in brochures or in online content. While translating the marketing materials, the translator needs to display creativity and familiarity with the rules of transcreation.

Game translators make use of CAT tools which ensure that the process runs smoothly and the translation is consistent, even if several translators are engaged. This consistency is guaranteed through the use of translation memories which suggest terms that have already been translated by other translators engaged in the process. With the latest technologies used in the translation process and supporting software solutions for project management, our customers are provided with efficient and high-quality service on favourable conditions.

Localisation of computer games also entails Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) tests, the aim of which is to verify translation accuracy before implementing it in the game. The LQA must be performed for each target market where computer and board games are distributed. We will gladly provide you with this service if only you intend so.


We have the resources to handle localisation in most language pairs.

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